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Month: October 2014

Brooklyn Elopement Photographer

Shelby and Ben Married! {New York, NY}

Meet Shelby and Ben!

They are probably two of my most favorite people in the world.  If they were taking applications for new friends I’d be the first to apply!

Shelby and Ben flew from CA to secretly elope! I felt honored to be so close to their wedding as it was incredibly intimate – just them, the officiant and their close friend Laura. Following the elopement ceremony we walked around DUMBO and ventured to the MET, to photograph their first moments as husband and wife. Shelby and Ben make each other laugh constantly, these two are some of the sweetest and most beautiful people I have ever met!

It was truly a magical thing to be a part of, and I am so so happy for them!

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Central Park Engagement

Gerald and Heather Anniversary! {New York, NY}

Meet Gerald and Heather!

These two. Oh, these two. Bundles of energy does not even begin to cover it.

Their session was SO much fun to photograph. They were full of life and personality! The moment I read Heather’s email I immediately liked her as in really liked her and hoped that she would book me for their anniversary session! I could tell by Heather’s email that she has a fun and bubbly personality. I had a blast roaming around the city with these two!  They’re from Texas, and decided to come to NYC for their anniversary and do a special photo session while they were in town!  We literally talked each other’s ears off the whole 2 and a half hours we spent together. Walking away from an engagement session with two new friends is one of the best feelings.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

CentralParkAnniversary1 CentralParkAnniversary2Centralparkanniversaryphotography-(1-of-1) CentralParkAnniversary3 CentralParkAnniversary4 CentralParkAnniversary5 CentralParkAnniversary6CentralParkAnniversary8 CentralParkAnniversary7








New York Wedding Photographer

Adam and Diana Married! {York, PA}

One of my favorite things is getting photograph the weddings of my close friends; there is something magical about the ease in which the day flows, and the smiles when their guards are down.

Adam and Diana’s wedding was amazing. Nice soft overcast skies for a big part of the day, and then the sun broke out and gave us some incredible light.  A couple that was ridiculously in love with each other, and was so thrilled to have their family and friends around them. A great venue and ample time for photos.  Plus, there were sooo many gorgeous details! I felt like a kid in a candy store trying to capture it all. I love how crafty they got with the decor…..and did I mention the candy buffet……I love candy buffets!

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Venue- Agape Professional Center

Wedding Planner- Kenna Rotz

Caterer- La Cucina’s

DJ- DJ Lynn

Florist- Bride

Hair- Laura Herbison

Makeup- Laura Herbison