Meet Phillip and Braden!

They are stupid cute together!

I went to photography school with Braden and after school we both moved to NYC and kept in touch. I was so so excited for him when he first told me about Phillip, and even more excited after I met him. They really are the perfect match, both genuine, easy-going, and the way they laugh together makes it obvious they’ll have a long and wonderful life together!! When they asked me if I would photograph the wedding I was flattered, and then when they said it was going to be in Panama I thought I might explode with excitement!

I had an absolute blast getting to know their friends and family and had even more of blast photographing their good looking faces. What a joy it is to photograph and be a part of a friends wedding day! I don’t think I’ve had any other couple enjoy their ENTIRE day as much as the two of them. Oh how I WISH you could have seen them at their reception! They’ve got MOVES!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed making them!


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Venue- Firefly Inn

Caterer- Firefly Inn