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Dumbo Proposal

Tony and Eileen Engaged! {Brooklyn, New York}

Meet Tony and Eileen!

They are adorable and engaged!

This proposal has been in the works for quite awhile! Tony reached out to me early in May asking about proposing at the Brooklyn Bridge when they came to NYC from the UK on a small vacation with their daughter. It was a humid sweaty spring day, with rain showers on and off. Thankfully Eileen unknowingly rolled with it, agreeing to walk through the park despite the weather. She was so surprised and quickly said yes! It was a wonderful moment and I am so happy I was able to capture it for them as they enjoy their vacation here. A few days later we met up in Central Park for a short engagement session, it was so fun getting to explore the park with them!

Central Park Proposal CentralParkEngagement1 CentralParkEngagement2

Central Park Engagement CentralParkEngagement3 CentralParkEngagement4 CentralParkEngagement5 CentralParkEngagement7






Winter Central Park Proposal

Quentin and Marilet Engaged! {New York, NY}

Meet Quentin and Marilet!

They are the definition of awesome! They are super fun and playful and it’s so clear how much they love each other! Quentin wanted the proposal to be a surprise, so he emailed me months before to see if I could photograph his proposal and I was overjoyed. From the very beginning, he gushed about Marilet! The love he has for her was so evident and the thought and care he put into planning this proposal was without a doubt one of the most romantic things I have experienced!

As the weeks went by, the plan for the proposal came together seamlessly. Our location was the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park, Marilet flew in a few days before and they planned an early morning stroll through central park. The weather was lovely, it was a beautiful sunny Morning. We had some time after for a quick engagement session with the newly engaged couple, and WOW are these two in love! Marilet is so beautiful and radiant, and the way Quentin looks at her is just adorable! We ended the session at an adorable coffee shop, it was a bit of a trek but they were good sports! It ended up being the perfect spot to wrap up the perfect morning!


It was so much fun to photograph their beautiful proposal!! and I am so so so excited for these guys to tie the knot!!! Yay!


Central Park Proposal Central Park Proposal1 Central Park Proposal2 Central Park Proposal3 Central Park Proposal4 Central Park Proposal5 Central Park Proposal6 Central Park Proposal7Gapstow Bridge Central Park Proposal Central Park Proposal8Gapstow Bridge Central Park ProposalCentralParkProposal Central Park Proposal9




New York Proposal Photographer

Preston and Carson Engaged! {Brooklyn, NY}

Meet Preston and Carson!

Their love is some of the sweetest I have ever seen! They met each other a camp…..Preston was smitten almost immediately, Carson had some reservations as dating co-workers was against the rules. Despite their best efforts to avoid each other, the immediate attraction grew into an adorable love story!

I know I say this often…………but I really love when sessions end and I feel like I walk away with new friends. That’s how Carson and Preston’s engagement session finished; with hugs, farewells and “hope-to-see-you-agains” because we really had an awesome time together.

Thanks for asking me to be a part of such a special day!

Brooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge Proposal

Brooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge ProposalBrooklyn Bridge Proposal





Brooklyn Proposal Photographer

Victor and Neelam Engaged! {Brooklyn, NY}

Meet Victor and Neelam!They are engaged!

It was so cute… It all started with an email asking if I could take pictures while he pops the big question to his girlfriend. He got on an airplane, flew from England to NYC, and somehow against her protests (heels are not ideal for garden) got her to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  There was only one small detail……. he didn’t want her to know I was there. It was probably the most nervous I’ve been about photographing anything for a while……. this was my first proposal!

Victor had never been to the Botanical Gardens, so he planned the location from the map, but unfortunately it didn’t work out exactly as planned.  It all happened a bit faster than he expected, but the results were fantastic! After all of the hugs, kisses, and the initial shock wore off, I was revealed and we had a short portrait session.

Their love is easy going and comfortable. Even in the minutes between photos when my camera was down, they were romantic; I could tell they truly enjoyed every moment with each other.

Brooklyn EngagementBrooklyn EngagementBrooklyn EngagementBrooklyn EngagementBrooklyn EngagementBrooklyn EngagementBrooklyn EngagementBrooklyn EngagementBrooklyn EngagementBrooklyn EngagementBrooklyn EngagementBrooklyn Engagement