Meet Jaime and Mike!

Where do I even begin with their wedding day? I was referred to Jaime and Mike through a mutual friend, and from the first email I knew their wedding was going to be a blast! Mike and Jaime are so in love and were so happy to be around each other the entire day. They are two of the most lighthearted, fun loving folks I’ve met in in a long time.

The ceremony took place in a beautiful garden in New Hope, PA, surrounded by rolling green hills as far as the eye could see. Following the ceremony, they danced the night away in a fantastic rustic barn with all of their family and friends!

I had so much fun being a part of their day, and I know nothing but happiness is in the future for the two of them.

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where did this take place? Im looking for a rustic barn location for m wedding.


All I have is an address, its a private residence I believe. 136 Buckmanville rd, New Hope, PA 18938