A few months ago I had the most amazing time photographing Mark and Rachel’s wedding at the DUMBO loft in Brooklyn.
Classic, elegant, and heartfelt are some adjectives to describe their wedding day. The weather was fantastic and then I saw the bride. I think my jaw dropped. Her look is so stunning…and that dress!!!!! I love all the unique elements they put together for their wedding, right down to Rachel’s homemade cookies as the wedding favors.

These two are so darn gorgeous and you can just see the love in every image! It was a perfect day and an absolute load of fun!

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Wedding Planner- Norma

Venue- Dumbo lofts

Caterer- Creative Foods Catering 

Cake- The Pink Buttercup

DJ- Pro DJ’s

Florist- Floriography 

Hair Stylist- Jennifer Rose

Makeup Artist-Jennifer Rose