I had a great time getting to know Mike and Gina! They both have a fun personality and are a blast to be around. TheirEngagement session was full of laughter and as you can tell so was their wedding day! Hanging out with them is like second nature. They’re the types that feel like old friends, and boy do they throw a heck of a party!

Their wedding day had a classic romantic vibe that meshed really well with their style & personalities. They were married at Our Lady of Mercy Church in Forrest Hills, Queens on a gorgeous September day. One of my favorite things about Gina and Mike’s wedding was that their wedding about themselves, and there is nothing I love more than shooting something that is unique and personal to the couple. There were so many awesome details, a custom wedding dress with custom ties for the groom and groomsmen, it was a dream!


I couldn’t be more grateful they chose me to document this chapter in their lives. Wishing you two the very best!


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Venue- The Community House

Caterer- Bassett Caterers

DJ- Gary Colter

Florist- Floresta

Hair- Jennifer Nam

Makeup- Jennifer Nam