So you are planning a NYC Winter elopement? Well, I’m here to help!

Winter in New York City is quite possibly the most romantic time of the year, a fresh snowfall makes for beautiful photos and helps you get real close and cozy for your portraits. It’s also a great opportunity to get to experience a rare stillness in the city that’s so magical.

A Few of my favorite indoor ideas include…

City Hall

You can never go wrong with a City Hall elopement! It’s the easiest and least expensive option for eloping in NYC, and the people watching is top notch!

Grand Central Terminal

Is there anything more New York than Grand Central Terminal? With its beautiful architecture, and amazing lighting it’s easily a top choice for a rad elopement!

A small restaurant or bar

If you are looking for something a little more intimate, and less public. There are a ton of bars and small restaurants, that will let you reserve the space for a few hours. It’s perfect for a ceremony and brunch or dinner.

And of course in NYC there is no shortage of outdoor options to choose from! I’ve got all the goods on the best locations for an amazing, fun and very New York elopement. I can’t wait to help you in plan the perfect elopement that’s completely authentic to you.

Tips for an awesome winter NYC elopement

  1. If wearing a dress get one that is easy to gather up and carry around, so you don’t get damp or dirty.
  2. Wear jackets that you don’t mind being photographed in.
  3. Pack some handwarmers in your pockets.
  4. alcohol helps! Pack a flask or I know a few cozy spots we can stop in and warm up
  5. Wear shoes that you can walk in and that will keep you warm
  6. Consider wearing layers, thermal tights or socks and do wonders to keep those toes warm!
  7. The holidays can also mean that certain parts of town are ridiculously busy. If you are hoping for photos in places like Times Square or 5th ave, you might want to consider a sunrise session.
  8. Winter has a late sunrise and a very early sunset, so be sure to keep that in mind when planning your ceremony time.