I am sure you guys remember Tashie and Ronnie!

They are basically the sweetest!

This was my first time photographing a reception at the Queens Botanical Gardens. I am now officially in love with it. And then there’s the fact that Tashie and Ronnie looked lovely in every spot I put them in, so they deserve at least half the credit! The ceremony location was under shaded trees, in the wedding garden. A beautiful open space full of flowers that allows for beautiful wedding photos! The reception was just as adorable and personal as the ceremony, so many perfect little details!

Maybe my very favorite part of the day, though, was watching Tashie and Ronnie exchange their vows. They were so heartfelt and unique, and the way that they made each other smile (and, at times, laugh out loud) during the ceremony is truly a testament to their love and the marriage before them. Also the way they included their daughters in the ceremony was so sweet I think I teared up!


Queens Garden Wedding QueensGardenWedding1 QueensGardenWedding2 QueensGardenWedding3

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Venue- Queens Botanical Gardens

Caterer- Soul Caribbean Caterers

DJ- Reggie Barosy

Florist- Fifty Flowers

Makeup- Nadine Vasquez