Meet Vickie and Ryan, a ridiculously sweet couple who I adore…and you will too!

My favorite part about my job is getting to shoot genuine couples that are head-over-heels in love. Vickie and Ryan are just that. They eloped earlier in the day and we meet up in the evening for their photo session, we wandered around DUMBO and then headed uptown too meet up with there families and their two adorable pooches! Did I mention that I adore this duo? Because I do. They actually are together because of their dogs, and Ryan asked Vickie to marry him with a tag on the pups collar……..swoon!

Vickie and Ryan are plannning a big wedding next year, and they are also expecting! I cannot wait to meet the little bundle, and I photograph their big day!


DUMBO elopement DUMBOelopement1 DUMBOelopement2 DUMBOelopement3DUMBO elopement

DUMBOelopement4 DUMBOelopement5